Song Choice: “I’ve Been Thinking” by J Mascis.

J Mascis, of course, being the guy behind Dinosaur Jr.  I’ve given a few Dinosaur Jr. albums a listen and they never quite grabbed me, but I really enjoy this song.  It’s off his 2011 single, Circle, on the Sub Pop label.

This guy is known for being a particularly tough interview, and after reading a couple I can’t disagree with the reputation he’s got.  But you know what?  I’d say more musicians are bad interviews than not.  I’m not going to get on this guy, he’s a music icon who’s still going after it.  What have I or you done?  Now I’m all fired up, thanks a lot. Jerk.

Preorder it here.

Go to his official website here.

November 19, 2011


19 November 2011 ·

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